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    WNY Holdings LLC was started in 2018 to provide industry-leading marketing services for small businesses. The founders are a husband and wife team, Ben and Melissa, who left their corporate jobs to specialize in helping restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers utilize tailored digital marketing strategies to attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers.


    WNY Holdings offers services such as content marketing, web design, graphic design, media creation, SEO, and Facebook advertising. They focus on creating an excellent user experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Throughout the process, ongoing data analysis and custom reporting help clients track and understand how their digital marketing efforts are helping their businesses thrive.


    WNY Holdings LLC goes above and beyond for their clients, helping them make data-driven decisions that will increase their keyword rankings and visibility to attract and convert more customers. They are also focused on fostering a productive and stimulating working environment. This helps their employees grow and develop professionally, making them excited to come to work every day and grow along with the company and with their clients.


    WNY Holdings is a customer-focused digital marketing company that provides tailored marketing strategies for small businesses.

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