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WNY Holdings LLC Shares Five Reasons Why You Should Use Pay-Per-Click Strategy For Your Small Business

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Want to drive people to your business? One easy and cost-effective way is with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. In this article, digital marketing company WNY Holdigns LLC shares five reasons why you should use pay per click strategy for your local business.

Pay-per-click strategy or advertising works by businesses identifying keywords and placing a bid on them. As people search for a particular subject, the keywords they use will trigger results that could bring your business up.

This is why in Google searches, the first several hits say “Ad.” Those are paid for, and if people click them, the businesses pay for each hit.

Make no mistake – large companies pay a significant amount for some keywords, and the cost of each click on those words may be too pricey for a smaller business. But smaller businesses can still benefit from pay-per-click advertising by doing their homework and finding words still related to their product, but that the big companies may have missed.

Here are five reasons why you should use pay-per-click advertising for your business per Melissa Williams the owner and a co-founder of WNY Holdings LLC.

Reasons Why You Should Use Pay Per Click Strategy: 1. You want your business to be on the first page of a google searchThe reality is that people just don’t go to page 2 of a Google search. Statistics from 2011 to 2019 appear to concur that anywhere between 5% or fewer people will go to that second page. So, if your business is consistently showing up on page 2 of Google, you are already losing eyes, much fewer customers. Pay-per-click Ads, however, will show up on the first page in accordance with your bids and keywords. So you can use it to your advantage.
  2. You get data you can use to refine your marketing efforts

Using Google Ads to set up a pay-per-click campaign comes with an added bonus: a dashboard full of data that will tell you how many times your ad has shown, how many people have clicked through, and which keywords are generating results.

What’s great about these campaigns is that you will be able to adjust them in real-time. It is possible to stop campaigns mid-way, make adjustments, and keep going with the various pieces that are bringing success or dropping pieces that are not gaining attention.

3. You can target specific your customers based on location and lifestyle preferences

People don’t mind being advertised to when the product or service is in line with the search they are performing. One of the biggest advantages of pay-per-click marketing is that, since it is built on keywords, your business will more likely show up to the very same people who are looking for what you have to offer.

The trick here is to keep an eye on the activity, see how many click-throughs (called “impressions”) there are, and make evaluations based on your reception. You can always adjust your keywords, as you continue to adapt to find your target audience.

4. Pay-per-click allows you to beat organic results

Very few businesses have enough brand recognition to easily come up to the tops of searches organically. Organic listings are great for those businesses, but they can work against you if no one even knows you exist (yet). So the pay-per-click model can get you up to the top of those lists more quickly.

And, as you watch the activity and make consistent adjustments to your model, you will learn where to put your focus. The advantage of simply getting data from clicks (or not) can in and of itself be gold.

5. It can build your brand awareness and brand recognition

A quick search reveals that it can take anywhere between 8-15 “cold calls” to reach potential customers and get the sales you need. Though there are many, many factors in that formula, the reality is that you are less likely to drive market share when you are “new” to your customer.

The good news is that, as you consistently find ways to show up on searches, the knowledge of your name, brand, and product or service can begin to “stick” in your customers’ minds. This, in turn, gives you opportunities for sales.

Pay-per-click can be a very cost-effective way to accomplish this goal.

These five reasons why you should use Pay Per Click strategy for your small business can get you moving – or moving further – as your business continues to grow.

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